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Bio&Me Social Media and Content Manager

A bit about Bio&Me – created by The Gut Health Doctor, Dr Megan Rossi

At Bio&Me, we are all about helping people improve their gut health in a delicious way – by providing truly delicious products that are better for your gut health.  Indeed, for our first three gut-loving ranges of Granola, Porridge and Muesli we are the only one’s that can carry the EFSA approved “Good for your gut” health claim.  Each recipe has been created by Megan, to ensure they not only meet her own gut-health standards – but that they taste delicious too.  We’re a foodie brand, after all.

A bit about you and your challenge

Now that we are one year old, we want the world to hear about Bio&Me – and to help educate people on what good gut-health means for them.  As, of course, whilst what you eat is a crucial part of good gut health, there is a lot more to it than that.  This means, first and foremost, we need to build a content-rich, engaging, multi-channel community space across all social media, including most especially Instagram and Facebook.    Beyond this, we also need to build our brand through PR and through our carefully designed brand assets (our website, branded clothing, leaflets etc). 

This means that we need someone who loves – and we mean really, really loves – social media and how it works.  You live and breathe it.  You know the key strategies as well as all the technical tricks.  Whilst we will need to teach you all about the worlds of Bio&Me and The Gut Health Doctor – you will already be a social media expert and be teaching us about that.

You will, also, have an eye for detail.  Perhaps even, dare we say it, you will be a bit of perfectionist.  Knowing that every touch-point we have with our consumers really matters.  Every picture they see.  Every word they read.  Every time we teach them a bit about gut health.  Every time we make them laugh.  Every time they buy a pack of Bio&Me.

Talking of making people laugh.  As if that wasn’t challenging enough, the right tone of voice is also absolutely critical to us.  Open.  Credible.  Accessible.  The usual buzz words.  But also with just a dash of humour.  We are talking about everything that happens “from entry to exit” after all 😉

Finally, you will be joining a start-up team.  It’s brilliant.  And if you yearn to work in an on-trend environment away from corporate rules, this is the place to be.  It also means we need you to muck in.  If a job needs doing, it just needs doing.  No matter what anyone’s JD might say.

A bit about your job description

Given how critical this role is for us, you will report directly to both our Co-Founders.  To Dr Megan and to “Mr” Jon.

  • Bottomline, you will lead the social media and content show. From the most theoretical strategy to the last detail of execution.  And everything in-between.  It’s all yours.  To help do that …
  • Develop and implement a multi-social media strategy to drive brand awareness and purchase of Bio&Me (instore and on-line)
  • Develop all content for all channels, including photography, videos, copy etc
  • Copywrite all social media content, Bio&Me newsletters, website and all branded materials
  • Organise all photoshoots etc
  • Lead and deliver our influencer and brand ambassador programmes
  • Provide support for Megan and Jon on all PR activity
  • Be a full member of the Bio&Me team. Outside of communications, your opinion will matter.  We are a start up.  We love your ideas.

A built about what will make you the right person

  • You will love social media
  • You will probably already have already read Megan’s book and tried Bio&Me … but if not you will by now be reaching out to order them
  • You will have minimum 5 years experience working in social media and be able to show us case studies where you delivered results. Not where you paid an agency to.  But where you personally did.
  • You will suit start up life. It’s the best fun.  The excitement and growth.  And you get to help set the rules.  And you need to get your hands dirty.  No “airs and graces”.  No “that’s not my job”, please.  We all muck in.
  • You will have a portfolio of content you have developed that you can show us. Newsletters.  Photos.  Videos.  Adverts.  Whether they were created by you working with professionals, or even created yourself.
  • You will understand nutrition and food basics, without having to be an expert. We need someone who knows how important it is to be accurate and credible on the science – but to not over-step the mark and accidentally change Dr Megan’s words
  • You will either be – or secretly fancy yourself as – a bit of a copywriter. You love words.  You love being playful with them.  You like making people laugh.
  • You will be up to date on social media trends and influencers
  • You will have a deep understanding of analytics and how audiences use social media
  • If you happened to be a photographer / videographer yourself, we would love that. But it isn’t expected.
  • You will be very.   Very happy standing on your own two feet.  In the best way, once you have got your feet under the table, it will be down to you.  And whilst we will be hugely supportive, we need you to be able to stand on your own two feet.
  • Finally, you will be a bit of foodie. Life is too short to eat food that tastes like cardboard.  We are as passionate about tasting great as we are about being good for hit health.  And we would like you to be too.

A bit about our team and location

  • Frankly, you can work where you want. In your bedroom.  In our office, if we ever get one.  In a shared space.  We care about results, not where you work.  That said …
  • We like being a team. Right now there are 6 of us and we imagine growing that fast. 
  • You will need to meet with Megan once or twice a month in person in London and with Jon once or twice a month in Chester. Therefore if you live or are within easy reach of either London or Chester that would be an advantage – but not essential.  But you will need to be happy to come to each for a couple of days each month.
  • As we don’t have an office, we plan to invest in “proper” team meetings each quarter. Once Covid allows. These could be pretty much anywhere over the country.  But most likely, the small “village” that is London or the “buzzing metropolis” that is Chester.

A bit about the benefits

  • You get to be in at the start. We are one year old and you will be our first leader in this area.  Blank pieces of paper don’t get any blanker.  Beyond money, titles and such things, if you are the right person for us, this will be the thing that gets you most excited.
  • We will pay a proper, “start up” salary. Of around £30-36,000.  When you help us make the business grow, that can grow.
  • On the same principle, over-time, once the company can afford it because you have helped us grow, we will pay annual bonuses. But only when we can afford them.
  • If you are good. And we mean really good.  Then after a period, we will reward you with share options.  Over time, the value of these will dwarf your salary. 
  • We are a start-up.  We will need you to work at odd times – therefore in turn you can work at the times that suit you.  It’s a full-time role.  It’s the results that matter.  Not when or how you work.
  • Induction and training. Megan, Jon and the team will induct you into gut health and Bio&Me
  • 25 days holiday
  • Lots of granola, porridge and muesli and new products to taste

A bit about how to apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to jon@bioandme.co.uk.  Feel free to include examples of your work!

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