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Bio&Me to support FareShare this summer

 biobillions community

Did you know that over 8.4 million people struggle to access good, nutritious food in the UK? Our gut tells us something needs to change and that’s why we’ve created the BioBillions Community here at Bio&Me to support FareShare this summer.

FareShare is the UK’s biggest charity fighting hunger and food waste – diverting surplus food, which would otherwise go to waste, onto people at risk of hunger via their network of frontline charities and community groups nationwide. Here’s a few more facts from the team at FareShare…

Food waste and hunger in the UK:

  • Over 2 million tonnes of perfectly good to eat food goes to waste by the food industry every year – whilst at the same time, 8.4 million people struggle to access good, nutritious food
  • We know that surplus food distribution isn't a silver bullet answer to food poverty – but what people should know is that whilst 8 million UK citizens go hungry every year, food equivalent to at least 1.3bn meals is thrown away before it even gets to homes or schools
  • That food, if handled as we handle food that is sold, would provide the equivalent of 162 meals per year to all 8 million people currently trapped in food insecurity

A few more stats:

  • FareShare provides food to 11,000 charities and community groups in all four nations across the UK – including school breakfast clubs, community centres, homeless shelters and food banks
  • We provide the equivalent of 2 million meals a week for people who might not otherwise eat
  • Two thirds of people accessing FareShare food are children and families
  • Donations help fund the running of our delivery vans, PPE to keep our volunteers safe and help us get food to hundreds more frontline organisations supporting vulnerable people
  • Every donation can make a difference:
- £5 - helps deliver enough food for 20 meals
- £10 - helps deliver enough food for 40 meals
- £25 - helps deliver enough food for 100 meals


How FareShare is responding to COVID-19:

  • Year on year, we’ve doubled the food we’re providing to people in need each week from 1 million to 2 million.
  • At the peak of the crisis FareShare was distributing enough food for over 3 million meals a week
  • In the first month of the lockdown in April, we saw triple the average number of charities each month apply to receive food from us
  • 90% of the charities we serve say that demand will remain the same as crisis levels or increase this winter
  • Our existing charity members are also requesting more food as the need for their services are increasingly stretched
  • Many of the charities FareShare supports usually provide communal meals - which have been forced to close in the event of a lockdown
  • In order to ensure the vulnerable do not fall through the gap, we and the charities we serve have evolved our operation to a food parcel model. These parcels are delivered to or collected by people in need
  • 11 of our Regional Centres have taken on additional warehouse space to store and distribute increasing volumes of food from

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