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Our Story


We believe that people and microbes thrive on variety and deliciously good food. That's why we've packed our granolas, porridges and mueslis with 12+ different types of plant goodness and our yoghurts with 18 different live and active cultures (totalling over 60 billion cultures per pot). We call this our concept of Delicious Diversity. The more, the merrier!


  • April 2019

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    A vision of a better future through good food

    Where it all started! Jon & Megan discuss creating a brand to bring clarity and credibility to the world of gut health The dream vision? They leave the meeting co-founders - and with a long to-do list!

  • July 2019

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    Bio&Me is born!

    Our little food brand gets a name - Bio&Me. Inspired by your gut microbiome, which is central to the trillions of microbes inside you. Totally unique to you and working hard to keep you healthy - we just had to make it the star of the show!

  • November 2019

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    Bio&Me officially launches in the UK

    Co-Founders Jon & Megan excitedly launch Bio&Me into the UK market with an initial range of four deliciously diverse granolas - available through Booths, Planet Organic, Wholefoods and our very own website.

  • February 2020

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    We secure our first UK national listing

    Our mission takes a huge step forward with our first national listing in Waitrose. A real pinch-us moment!

  • March 2020

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    Bio&Me launches on Amazon

    Our deliciously diverse granolas launch on the world's largest online retailer, Amazon - bringing incredible exposure and growth to the Bio&Me brand.

  • March 2020

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    We welcome our first two awards with open arms!

    Our granolas start to turn heads as Bio&Me win not one, but two wonderful awards. A double celebration, with recognition from both Nourish Awards and LUXlife.

  • July 2020

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    A delicious low sugar option launches in Waitrose

    We answer calls from those who enjoy a more subtle sweetness and launch our scrummy Low Sugar in Waitrose. All without compromising on taste! We even got the paws up from Pistachio (Megan's dog).

  • January 2021

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    We extend the Bio&Me range to include porridge

    After perfecting our granola game, we welcome our Porridges to the Bio&Me family. A deliciously diverse addition to breakfasts everywhere!

  • February 2021

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    Bio&Me granolas launch in Sainsbury's

    A super start to the year as our highly-acclaimed Granola launches in Sainsbury's.

  • March 2021

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    Bio&Me named UK Future Brand of the Year 2021

    A pivotal and thrilling moment for Bio&Me, as our science-backed range of porridges, mueslis and granolas win us GOLD at the Future Brands competition - naming us UK Future Brand of the Year 2021!

  • May 2021

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    Bio&Me Yoghurts launch in Sainsbury's

    Our microbe-made yoghurts - containing 18 different live and active cultures - are welcomed into the Bio&Me range at Sainsbury's. The perfect complement to our granolas, porridges, and mueslis!

  • August 2021

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    Bio&Me Yoghurt, Porridge and Granola launch on Ocado

    A triple-whammy as our entire Bio&Me range launches with the UK online grocer, Ocado.

  • August 2021

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    Bio&Me wins two Great Taste Awards

    Cementing our belief that we make truly scrumptious products, both our Apple & Cinnamon and Super Seedy & Nutty Porridges win Great Taste Awards!

  • October 2021

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    Bio&Me granolas launch in Co-op

    We very excitedly welcome another UK listing to the Bio&Me granola family. Hello Co-op! Another huge celebratory moment for the Bio&Me team.

  • November 2021

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    Bio&Me wins a The Grocer New Products Award

    Finishing 2021 on an incredible high, as our Mango Yoghurt wins a The Grocer New Products Award. Fantastic recognition as we head excitedly towards a new year!

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